Training || Lessons

HWalters Dressage is dedicated to the training of horse and rider in classical dressage, from green to Grand Prix, to personal and competitive ends. We offer the following services towards this goal:

  • Full Training Board
  • Short-Term Training Packages
  • Trailer-in lessons
  • Participation in outside horse shows
  • Schooling shows
  • Training
  • Additional services

Heather believes that dressage training is an invaluable component of every horse’s and rider’s development and conditioning. Whether your core riding focus is on eventing, jumping, fox hunting or dressage, my clients find benefit in sound dressage training as a means to confirm their horse’s gaits, balance and connection with their rider.

Purchase a Package of Lessons and Save.

On site Lesson Rates

  • Private-Onsite Lesson / 60 minutes / $60.00*
  • Semi Private Lesson / 45 minutes / $40.00*
  • Lunge Line/Horsemanship Lesson / 30 Minutes / $40.00
  • Exercise Ride / $50.00
  • Off site Lesson / $70.00
  • Discount given for Pony Club or 4-H Riders

Training Rates (at HWalters Dressage)

  • Full Care Board & Training / Full Stall Board Care only offered at this time
    • Up to 6 Sessions a Week at the discretion of Trainer - Includes Weekly Lessons with owner/rider
    • Price available upon request
  • Coaching & Clinic Rates / $450.00 per day + Expenses (May be split by a group for show or Clinic)
  • Arena Fee (non-boarders) / $10.00 per day
  • Braiding/Show Preparation / $40.00 for Full Braids (bands or yarn) / $50.00 to $120.00 Partial To Full Body Clip

Other services are available upon request. Prices subject to change without notice.